Erik Ralston

Born in Chicago, I grew up in Andover, MA after my dad's job relocated us there when I was 8. Now living in Los Angeles, across the street from West Hollywood, I'm a portrait and fashion photographer, a lifelong musician and visual artist, and an experienced front end web developer.

I spent a great deal of my time as a kid and teenager drawing in pen and pencil, but a brief encounter with black and white film photography in high school planted a seed that, upon my introduction to Photoshop years later, grew into a passion for creating imagery from life and manipulating it in the digital darkroom. In early 2006, my love for photography, coupled with a passion to improve my knowledge and talent, was enhanced with studying, shooting, and conversing with other experienced photographers whenever the opportunity presented itself. I then fell into the Boston fashion scene and began photographing events, fashion shows, parties, and eventually tried my hand at portraiture in my modest home studio. I love the challenge of capturing a moment on "film" and working with subjects to develop a concept, while trying to express my interpretation of a scene or person to the viewer through light and color. I am so grateful for each opportunity to work with new clients and continually improve at my craft.