All services include hi-res digital copies only of all your images (that is, no prints are included unless a special request is made). To expedite delivery of your photos, they will be available for review/download through a private, password-protected gallery on my Clients / Online Ordering site. For those packages that include retouching, you will be able to review your photos online after the shoot and choose the shots you would like me to edit. For your convenience, you may also order prints directly from your gallery, or if you have specific requirements for your portfolio I can price and put together print packages for you.

Portraits & Headshots

  • Includes headshots for acting, modeling, corporate, etc. and any studio or location portrait sessions.
  • Pricing will be $300 and up, depending on the scope of the actual project, the number of retouched images needed, whether the shoot is in studio or on location, and whether I need to provide a makeup artist and/or hair stylist.
  • The total price will be quoted and agreed upon before booking the shoot.


  • Candid photography for events such as small parties/fashion events. Includes a CD of all unedited digital images. $50/hr for time at the actual event, 2 hour minimum. NOTE: This pricing does not include weddings.
  • At your request, I can list the gallery and remove the password to allow guests from your event to access it and order copies for themselves. To do this, however, I will have to lock down the images, which will prevent digital copies from being saved for free directly from the gallery.

Photo Editing

  • Basic retouching: $25 / image
  • Advanced retouching for glamour / special effects: $50 / image
  • Non-standard photo editing such as collages, backgrounds for web sites, etc., and illustration will be priced by an up front hourly estimate based on the scope of the particular project.

TFP/CD & Test Shoots

I am looking to build my commercial, editorial and fashion portfolio, and am always looking for models (both male and female) who want to trade time to create art or build their own portfolios. Don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested. However, because I am not a full-time photographer, my time is somewhat limited to nights and weekends, so please, before you get in touch with me, take a moment to review my guidelines for TF* below, so you know what I expect and what you can expect from me:

  • Please have a specific idea, location or theme in mind, or my home studio is always available for TF* shoots. While I'm not an endless well of creativity as far as locations go, I am totally willing to brainstorm with you.
  • Please be willing to communicate and possibly meet me before the shoot (if you aren't too far away) so that we can be comfortable with each other and discuss ideas.
  • I will do my best to confirm our shoot with you a week ahead of the scheduled date.
  • After the shoot, I will post all of the photos to a password protected, unlisted gallery on my Clients / Online Ordering site. From there you are welcome to order prints or save as many digital copies of the original, unedited images as you'd like. I will list the images with filenames, so you can choose up to 3 of the photos for me to retouch and edit for you. If you'd like additional images edited it will be billed at my photo editing rate (see above).
  • While I will add images from our shoot to my portfolio, I will not sell copies unless we have some specific arrangement for me to do so.

Design & Development

I am an experienced front-end web developer (html5,, css, JavaScript/jQuery), and also offer design services for both print and the web. These will be priced either hourly or by an up-front estimate based on the scope of the project. Please contact me for more information.